In the last 2 or so months, there have been about 10 retail properties in Knightsbridge, Sloane – 6 are new lease opportunities and 4 are existing leases for sale with premiums attached. Depending on your budget, the streets they are located in may be of interest to you for your business.

The market moves every day and it is important to be right up to the minute in order to be successful in searching for the right property for your business.

Our advisors know the market. Contact us to let us know your requirement and we can advise you about how to source, win and secure the type of property you require.

Properties £150k pax + rental:
– Brompton Road – 1 new lease and 3 existing leases with premium
– Sloane Street – 1 existing lease with premium

Properties up to £150k pax rental:

– Sloane Avenue – 5 new leases

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